Poor Sim Home

Poor Sim Home

(1)extract “Poor sim home.zip”
(2)double click on “Poor sim home”, and the
Sims launcher will install it for you.

(Easy as pie! yum!)

Let’s face it, when you’re poor, it bites. But with this house,
you can live in semi-luxury without breaking the bank. This home is
truly for those who don’t have a lot to begin with, but is good for
those who want to start out. Pretty soon, your sim will trade this
off with a mansion, if he or she works hard that is!

Size: 15 x 10
Furnished: $9,962
UnFurnished: $6,947

1 bedroom
1 bathroom
1 kitchen/living room
1 carport with car

God (Always gotta give Him credit!)
You the downloader!

Copy Write
Do not upload this to any other site, unless given permission by me.

download here at media fire:


Screenshot-17 Screenshot-16 Screenshot-15 Poor Sim's Home


Neighborhood camera III *works with Apartment Life*

This is a mod for the Sims 2, it allows you to view the neighborhood without any restrictions, great for taking pictures of neighborhoods that you created!
Please read the readme very carefully when installing the mod to avoid fouling up your game!