I have wanted to see the Waterfront look more like it would in a poorer district, which it is suppossed to look like, but it looks a whole lot better than it’s suppossed to be. So I put of my modding gloves and started to work on fixing that! I present to you, ICwaterfront Slums! This enchances the waterfront to make you feel like you are actually in a poorer part of the Imperial city. With this mod, you will find a secret “murder weapon” hidden around the waterfront; which I’ll leave you all to find it 🙂

download this mod here:



Hi Everybody!
What you have today is an Island Home all to yourself!
You also have a tower all for yourself!
Did I mention you have a cave for you “dark” mages…? 😉
To locate this beauty piece of land, you will need to go to the Imperial Waterfront and go right behind the buyable home to find the portal to take you to paradise!
Thank you very much and please enjoy and have a fun time exploring the Island!
View of the Island Home for the player

You can download the file here:

Thank you everyone and enjoy! 🙂


Hi everyone!
I created a new mod for Morrowind again!
This time it’s an abode for the player to go and relax after a long day of going from dungeon to dungeon, looting, killing, doing all sorts of work!  It is time for you to relax, and that is exactly what you will do in this mod!

please download here if you want to enjoy a good time!:
Thank you!