MOAVGproductions is a company that was birthed out of a passion for modding and creating games.  I started at humble beginnings with uploading mods for the Sims 2, on the site, modthesims2.com, under the username Masterofallvideogames.  After moderate success on MTS2 website, I decided to change my name to make it seem less “Boastful”, or “Prideful”, to the Acronym you all know as MOAVG, and recently added productions to the end of it only to make it an official company, and not just 1 user.

-Samuel Furr

Our goal is to create Mods and Games.  Mods from Total conversions, to small tweaks to enhance the gameplay.

All glory and credit goes to Jesus, my Lord and personal Savior, without Him, there would be no MOAVGproductions.


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